What do KEYS members do?

Our members are placed in schools, or community-based organizations such as after-school programs, YMCAs, and family support centers located throughout the Pittsburgh, PA region. Through these sites, we are able to reach those youth who are most in need of the help we can give.

Our main program goals revolve around education, mentoring and community service.


Help kids with education

Our members work hand-in-hand with teachers and after-school personnel to help the youth they serve complete their homework and classwork.

Some of our school-based members are placed directly in a classroom where they assist teachers with groups of kids – giving additional support. These members might follow the same group of students throughout the day or stay with the same teacher for all or part of the day working with different groups. Alternately, some members work one-on-one or in small groups with kids throughout the day. These kids will come to them during class or study hall for individual help.


Our members help kids learn to make safer choices by showing them better alternatives.

Being a mentor can be getting a kid out of doors and playing ball. It can be helping her learn to talk instead of fight. Or helping him write a poem or paint a picture to express a challenge. Sometimes it’s just being there to listen. Mentoring can be every moment spent with a kid who feels cared for and safe.


Community Service

Our members work with youth to help them find ways to become active members of their community by making positive changes.

Ask any kid what they don’t like about their community and they’ll have a list a mile long. Ask them what they’re doing to make a difference and you’ll be met with protests – “I’m just a kid! There’s nothing I can do!”

Members initiate projects as simple as collecting toys and books for a shelter or as complex as creating an urban garden or painting a mural. Each member works with their kids to find a project that works for what they have to offer.

Teach kids to be involved in their community

Choose how long you want to serve

If our goals coincide with your goals, becoming a KEYS member might be right for you. Many factors will help you decide whether to serve a full year, or a summer, full time or part time. These pages have details about full-year or summer-term benefits.

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